Long-limbed Daisy Lowe bags lead role as disfigured model

Another one bites the dust? Daisy Lowe who is most famous for dating Doctor Who star Matt Smith is all set to fire-up the big screen. She has bagged the lead role in Brit flick, “Confine.”

The curvy model will be following in the footsteps of fellow model colleagues, Cindy Crawford in “Fair Game,” Gisele Bundchen in “Taxi,” and Lily Cole in “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasses. And Daisy has decided to dip her toe in the same waters. Ever heard of the afore-mentioned films? No? That´s because supermodels do not have a good track record as far as big screens go. Most of them fade-away after one or two films.

In the film, Daisy plays the role of a former model who becomes agoraphobic after losing her looks to disfigurement from facial injuries. In “Confine” she is held hostage by a sociopath con-artist boyfriend played by Alfie Allen which sets-off an unlikely friendship. She has this to say about her role. “I wanted to be quite picky about the role I got to do and this one was just perfect because it´s not about me being attractive. I love gritty roles and am keen to do any roles where the script is brilliant. I go where the wind takes me and it´s taken me to some nice places so far.”

This is one model who is taking her acting debut seriously. She has been taking intense acting lessons to further her cause and is stepping back from modeling for a while to concentrate on her film career.

Rosie will take her place beside rising star Alfie Allen (brother of Lily Allen) and Eliza Bennett (the lead in “Inkheart.”) “Confine” will also mark the directorial debut of Tobias Tobbell who produced the 2010 Indie, “The Drummond Will.” The film will be released early 2013.

We hope “the wind” will take Rosie to film stardom.

Pretty exciting stuff folks.

T. J. Mueller