10 Sets of Twin Models Everyone Must know!

It takes a nice handful of superb genes and a generous dash of uniqueness no make a stunning top model. Even though, there are a few blessed (or talented?) parents that mastered the art of passing the best genetics in family to their offspring… in double! That great accomplishment has resulted in 10 of the most attractive sets of twin models!
Some are mirror images of their sister: same height, same hair and features so identical they’re hardly useful to tell them them appart. Others bare sisterly similarities but have individual differences that give them the possibility of creating a striking contrast in images when modelling alongside.

Meet the most delightful twins in the moddeling industry!

1. Agata  & Renata Kaczoruk

2. Alexandra & Dessi Pavlova

3. Carolina & Mariana Bittencourt

4. Elena & Manuela Lazic

5. Indre & Sandra Andziute

6. Neele & Inka Hoeper

7. Adia & Ieva Aniulyte

8. Ann & Kenny Kirby

9. Donna & Gwen Loos

10. Karen & Kate Elson



Source: Thefrontrowview.com.