Small city but big Designers, Vienna!

The last three weeks, the whole world was looking to Milan, Paris, New York and London. Yes, it was Fashion Week time and all the big designers showed their new collections. But there was also one fashion week, we took a look at. We’re invited to visit the Vienna Fashion Week, in the small country Austria, the country of Helmut Lang, Patrick Kafka and many more. The focus in Austria isn’t really fashion, but the young Fashionistas are trying to change the country’s image of classical music and “Lederhosen”.

We were attending a lot of shows during the week to see what is going on in Austria this season and were really impressed by two designers who presented  chic and cool collections. One of the designers name, you have to remember is Martina Müller Callisti. She started her own store and brand, Callisti, in 2007, and even Brooke Shields wore one of her dresses at a movie premier in LA. She was presenting her new autumn winter 2013 men and womenswear collection and we were blown away. The dominating colours were grey, red and black and it was a mixture of fine leather accessories, big wool jackets for men and beautyful and sexy dresses for the girls. If you think of Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs Smith, you know what kind of sexy we mean.

Mike York FMD Modelsblog Callisti Vienna1Mike York FMD Modelsblog Callisti Vienna2


Smaranda Almasan, is also one of our favourites. The rumanien based designer also presented her beautiful avantgarde collection in Vienna and we absolutely enjoyed it. It was so different than all the others we saw, so fresh, spooky and especially the great cuts. You can describe the designs as high end products, everybody can wear, who loves to be a bit experimental. The collection shows a really strong woman and also a strong man, who exactly knows what he wants. She also used some floral print trousers and shirts, which were a great eyecatcher. Smaranda also took us backstage to show us the quality of her products and we have to say, we can’t wait to wear one of her outfits.

smaranda almasan fmd3FMD Smaranda Almasan1FMD Smaranda Almasan2


Mike York

Photos by Callisti and Verena Mandragora Ritzengruber