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Kate Moss loses 10,000 pounds gift

Kate MossSupermodel Kate Moss is reportedly fuming after the Terminal 5 fiasco at Heathrow airport saw her losing a birthday present worth 10,000 pounds for pal Fran Cutler. The 34-year-old model’s luggage disappeared as she flew to Los Angeles in a British Airways (BA) flight 15 days back.
She had bought a bracelet for her friend Cutler, which was kept in the lost Louis Vuitton bags which also contained 3,000 pounds of prototypes for her new Topshop range. And though British Airways made a compensation of 10,000 pounds and promised Kate that she would get her items back before her pal’s birthday bash, they never delivered on it, says a source.
“Kate’s assistant spent all day on the phone trying to find it. Kate is livid that it is still missing,” The Sun quoted the source, as saying.