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Teen model Demelza Reveley loses 10cm from hips

Demelza Reveley
ASPIRING teen model Demelza Reveley vowed she’d do “whatever it takes” for runway success. Now, under pressure from competition judges, she’s lost 10cm from her hips.
So after months of the Australia’s Next Top Model finalist copping criticism from the show’s judges for being “bottom heavy”, Reveley, 16, has lost 10cm from her hips.
Her dramatic trim-down has sparked fresh debate on the shocking pressure forced on teenage models to be thin.
The stunning Wollongong schoolgirl has spent the last two months since the Foxtel series wrapped filming slogging it out in 60 minute training sessions, seven days a week, in a bid to discard the unwanted weight.
Beginning the competition measuring a healthy 101cm around her hips and a size 10, Reveley is now 90cm, a size eight and forces herself to exercise with a personal trainer five days a week.
“I knew that if I wanted to succeed in this competition I would have to do it (lose weight) – regardless of if I won or not – to stay in the industry,” Reveley said .
“When they measured us at the start on the show they told us we should be around 36 (inches) but I have done my research and I know all the good models are usually around 34 inches so that is my ultimate goal and that would make me happy.”
This comes on top of allegations that sexy Czech model Karolina Kurkova is also too fat.
While Reveley hopes her motivation will eventually reward her with victory over rival Alex Girdwood when they go head-to-head in the fourth series grand finale of the TV program next Tuesday,
Premier Morris Iemma has condemned the pressure the young model has been put under to lose her curves.
“(Young girls’) bodies need to develop naturally without being subjected to fad diets or dangerous eating habits,” Mr Iemma said yesterday.
“It is completely irresponsible for anyone to encourage a young woman to do anything other than lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well and exercise.”
Modelling agent Priscilla Leighton Clarke, with whom the show’s winner gets a one-year contract, backed Reveley losing weight saying it was a model’s obligation to be in shape.
“It (modelling) is cut-throat at the best of times, so it is really imperative that when girls go to castings . . . they feel 100 per cent about how they look,” she said. “That is what modelling is all about how you look. You have to be in shape to be a model – simple as that.”
source: news.com.au