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Kate Moss ‘wants a baby with Hince’

sexy kate moss
Friends of Kate Moss have speculated that she will soon have a baby with her boyfriend Jamie Hince.
The supermodel has travelled to Ibiza for a summer break with Jamie following their recent reunion, and they are expected to discuss children during their time away. Kate’s five-year-old daughter Lila Grace has joined them on the trip, along with Lila’s nanny.
“Kate is keen to have another baby before Lila Grace gets any older. She doesn’t want her to grow up a single child,” one pal told The Mirror. “Lila even calls Sadie Frost’s little girl Iris her sister because she wants one so much, which has made Kate feel guilty. But it has become a real sticking point between her and Jamie.
“She thinks he will be a great dad – but he has been unsure whether he’s ready for such a huge commitment.”
The newspaper claims that the couple’s recent split was caused by their differing attitudes towards children, however Jamie is now believed to be coming round to the idea of starting a family.
“He agreed to go to Ibiza with her for a break before he goes on tour to see how they get on,” the source added. “No one would be surprised if Kate comes back pregnant.”
source: digitalspy.co.uk