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Swedish Model Sabina Johansson Busted in NYC Prostitution Ring

sabina johanssonSabina Johansson, a stunningly attractive 23-year-old Swedish model, has been swept up in the bust of Big Daddy Lou’s Hot Lap Dance Club on W. 38th Street in Manhattan where she allegedly worked as a house madam for a prostitution ring.
Prominent attorney Lou ‘Big Daddy’ Posner, was also arrested and charged with promoting prostitution at the club, according to court records.
Johansson, who has appeared in an Avril Lavigne music video and on the Tyra Banks Show, was arrested July 24, the NY Daily News reports. Her arrest raises new concerns over how young fashion models can fall into lines of work that exploit their looks and vulnerability.
On June 28, Russian model Ruslana Korshunova, 20, fell to her death from her Manhattan apartment amid a swirl of rumors that she was involved in a vicious ring that exploited young foreign models. Her death was officially ruled a suicide.
Johansson has denied knowing about the sex-for-sale activities going on in the private rooms of the club, but investigators say she was in on the business.
NYPD vice unit officers posing as patrons claim Johansson greeted them at the club and hinted they could expect sex from lap dancers if the price was right. “Defendant told [the undercover officer] that she was aware prostitution activity was going on at the club in its private rooms,” according to court records.
One undercover officer claimed prostitution was widespread. “On each occasion, he received offers from scantily clad female lap dancers working at the club to engage in sexual conduct, including intercourse, in exchange for money in the private rooms of the club,” court records say.
As the house mom, Johansson allegedly collected nightly fees of up to $80 from the club’s 120 dancers, scheduled shifts and rented out the private rooms and suites, prosecutors claim. Johansson could not be reached for comment.
A grand jury is hearing evidence in the case and could indict Posner and others as early as next week.
source: theimproper.com