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French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the Collapse, Blame Carla Bruni?

carla_bruniSome are saying – it’s all Carla Bruni‘s fault! With an oops heard round the world French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the collapse episode has many fingers pointing at his wife, the skinny and sexy former supermodel Carla Bruni Sarkozy! When all else fails, blame the collapse on the model and her super skinny diet.The UK Daily Mirror claims in a report that since the 54-year old Sarkozy, wed the “glamorous ex-model Carla Bruni, 41, last year, he has hurled himself into a regime of exercise and dieting.” The title of the piece from writer Don Mackay reads, “Fainting Nicolas Sarkozy ‘worn out’ by his young wife Carla Bruni.”
Even though heat and overwork were blamed for his collapse while jogging on Sunday, many are asking if it is just too much to keep up with the “model-turned-singer wife, who is 13 years his junior,” asks “The Age”.
According to the Associated Press, the president was “prescribed a few days’ rest.” Is it really fair to blame the French First Lady?
source: nationalledger.com