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Naomi Campbell’s next top model!

Budding models and fashion photographers, listen up. Naomi Campbell is on the look-out for the next big thing as she launches a competition with Talenthouse.com, the online community for music, fashion, film and photography talent. The Brit supermodel is on the hunt for an aspiring international fashion photographer as well as two models, one male and one female, who will win the chance to pose for a major fashion title.
At the moment the project will be run on the internet only, but surely it’ll be snapped up by a TV company in no time. The potential for tears, tantrums and snappy one-liners from Nay is just too great, non? Now, we don’t know about the photography bit but we reckon Tyra Banks, who has held the coveted title of supermodel-presenting-show-to-find-another-model for a good few series now, may have something to say about the model search if it becomes a television show. The two women only made up their 15-year-long feud a few years ago, after a tearful heart-to-heart on Tyra’s chat show in which the ANTM presenter accused Naomi of having her kicked off a photo shoot after an argument, prompting her rival to apologise:
‘However I’ve affected you or you’ve felt that I’ve affected you, I take my responsibility. I must say I’m very proud of you. You’ve been a powerful black woman… Please continue.’
Don’t do anything to rock the boat now, Naomi…
source: graziadaily.co.uk