Codie Young talks about her controversial Topshop photo

Australian newcomer Codie Young opened up about the Topshop website photo that triggered negative responses from eating disorder campaigners, criticizing the brand and the fashion industry in general of encouraging anorexia among young girls.

“I’ve been skinny my entire life. All my relatives on my dad’s side are tall and skinny like me, and I just happened to have that build as well,” said the 18-year-old to WWD in a recent interview regarding the image that displayed Young looking much thinner than usual.

“I just think it was a combination of being poorly photoshopped and it was also a bad angle. I mean, that’s not what I look like. But Topshop has been really supportive about everything because they know I’m healthy,” added the model.

The polemic photograph has been taken down from the label’s website and has been replaced with a relatively healthier shot of Young, who in reality, admitted that she is addicted to junk food and blogs about restaurants she stops by during her travels.