Imperfections get jobs too!

It were her imperfections that got her latest publicity job. The Italian designer Liu Jo chose Kate Moss for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2012 campaign for set of imperfections: the failed relationships, the scandals she got herself into and also her most recent “flaw” – the age. However the campaign mood is not related at all with Kate’s prevoious excessive lifestyle.

Shot in a bucolic set by Mario Sorrenti, Kate’s campaign photos show a trully relaxed, delicate and feminine woman at home. Not so charming and delicate were the lines written in Liu Jo’s website about Mrs Hince. Although the intended message was to grab Kate’s human side to allow women to further identify with her, it read: “Courage is necessary to remain a style icon” and “to emerge from scandals stronger than ever, to tread the runway daring to show your body after your teen years, to forget a great love, to find the man of your life and marry him with an intimate ceremony”.
Clearly, the relationship with Pete Doherty and 2005 “Cocaine Kate” scandal were the main topics there. The part referring to the model’s 38-year-old body is probably not making justice to her enviable figure.
Liu Jo’s text, perhaps concealing some earlier lack of tact, ended describing Kate as: “Full of imperfections that make her perfect: The most envied as well as the most human among all her colleagues”.

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