Blowing 27 Candles? Bar Refaeli Prefers Holding Rainbows!

If being the sexiest woman on Earth wasn’t enough, Bar Refaeli got a present from heaven for her 27th birthday: a beautiful rainbow! Is there anything better to brighten up the day? Bar must think there isn’t because when she saw it during her day at the beach, the gorgeous model couldn’t wait to catch it on camera. As a rainbow all by itself wasn’t fun enough, she got herself pictured’holding’ a rainbow on her hand. Later, she posted that joyful moment to her Twitter page and retweeted Team Bar Refaeli, who wrote “Happy Birthday @BarRefaeli, I Hope You’ ll Have A Great And Beautiful Day With Your Family”.

With a simple black bikini, no make-up and her hair wet she managed to prove once more she needs nothing to look stunning!
Sharing her party spirit, she also tweeted an amazing picture of a huge pool set in a properly decorated garden, writing “Birthday party about to begin:):)”.

However, she started thanking happybirthday messages last night: “Thank you guys for your wishes! My Bday is tomorrow.. But who says I can’t start celebrating before?!” She could and she did! The night before her big day, the Israeli model started dancing and whipping her hair around in white bikini top and a pair of tiny shorts.
Only one more question remains in the air: will Shaun White, her rumoured new lover, attend her party?