Supermodel Carmen DellA?Orefice goes grey to prove a point

It is one of the hardest moments in any womanA?s life, finding that first grey hair that is. And even more when the significant other points it out. That is exactly what happened to supermodel, Carmen DellA?Orefice, when Richard Kaplan, her husband at that time, reached across and pulled out a white hair from her head.

The model says that it was a turning point for her. She told New York PostA?s Alexa, “He leaned over in bed and he pulled out a white hair,” and at that moment she thought, “How dare he? So I let my hair grow in.” She says it was at that moment that she decided to embrace that single white hair and did away with hair colour altogether. Make any sense? Well, if youA?re a woman it does.

Carmen DellA?Orefice who has posed for the likes of Chanel and Vogue in her heyday speaks frankly and with honesty about aging in front of the public eye. In the interview with Alexa she says that she prefers silicone injections to Botox and Restylane and has used electrolysis to push back her hairline to where it should be and that there are some things that are more difficult to get rid off, like the hairs on her chin and her stiff hips.

AinA?t that the truth Ms DellA?Orefice? But then again, aging is a matter of mind over body and you seem to have grasped that concept well. Every woman should look like you at 81!


T. J. Mueller