Abbey Crouch looks great in an itsy bitsy teeny weenie blue bikini

Supermodel, Abbey Crouch, let her body do all the talking as she pranced around in an itsy bitsy two-piece that left little to the imagination on a beach in Majorca.

The mother-of-one spent a few weeks in Majorca with her family which included her brother and sister as well. One picture shows a happy Abbey playing big sister as she rubs sun lotion on her brotherA?s back and in another picture she is seen having a whale of a time in a pedalo.

It has been rumoured that the model feels “under pressure” to keep her figure looking good. But from the look of things, she has nothing to worry about it seems. She looked fighting fit with not an ounce of excess fat in sight. Closer magazine has reported that “Abbey says she finds being known for her body is a big pressure and admits that she sometimes worries about how she looks.”

Stardom comes with a prize Abbey and thatA?s the nitty gritty of it but youA?ve got nothing to worry about. You look smashing.


T. J. Mueller