Bar Rafaeli soaks up the sun AND walks on water!

Who would have thought that supermodel, Bar Refaeli, could walk on water? Looks like the model with the “superbod” and the fresh faced looks is not only the hottest woman on the planet but sheA?s got some hidden talents as well.

Dressed in a skimpy black two-piece, the lady with the most zest “walked on water” for a photoshoot on the Greek Isles of Mykonos and looked fantastic while doing it. She tweeted pictures saying, “Good morning! I am walking on water today! What r u doing?” Another picture had the caption, “dancing on my own.”

Now, we know that this is one beauty who wonA?t be dancing on her own, not for long anyway, no matter what she says. And how did she do the “walking on water” trick? ThatA?s between her and the photographer whoA?s the genius behind this photoshoot.

The supermodel is currently vacationing in Mykonos and seems to be having a great time. Walking on water gets you that way. It makes you feel all powerful and coffee just isnA?t enough to rev up those engines in the mornings anymore! Thumbs up on an unusual but attention getting photoshoot.


T. J. Mueller