John Galliano and the scandal that just wonA?t go away

On February 24, 2011, John Galliano, creative director at the time of Christian Dior, was arrested for making anti-Semitic remarks to a couple in a Paris cafe. The alleged victims, a Jewish woman and her Asian boyfriend have said that he called them, “Dirty Jewish face, you should be dead and ******* Asian bastard, I will kill you.”

Galliano was suspended from Dior on February 28, 2011 when a video emerged which showed him praising Hitler and another women comes forward to point her finger at him saying she suffered a similar attack from him. Galliano all but sees his career vanishing before his eyes. The celeb designer tries his best to save his career and places the blame for his outburst on his drug and alcohol addiction. But on September 8, 2011 Galliano is found guilty of anti-Semitism and he is faced with a jail sentence of six months and fines amounting up to 22,500 pounds. Then in April 9, 2011, Dior finally names Belgian-born Raf Simons as its artistic director as Galliano watches from the sidelines.

Just as we thought that things were settling down for the disgraced fashion designer, it has come to light that he has been stripped of his Legion of Honour Award by French president, Francois Hollande which he received in 2010 at the Elysee Palace.

Is there no end to the story and no peace for the once celebrated and master and genius at designing? Is forgiveness in sight and, more importantly, has he paid the price for the remarks he made or will this scandal drag on for years to come? What do you think?


T. J. Mueller