Milla JovovichA?s daughter, Ever, shuns the camera

The Resident Evil star, Milla Jovovich, was seen breezing through LAX today dressed down in a pair of baggy blue shorts that showcased her shapely legs perfectly and with it she wore a low-cut mustard coloured top that showed a little bit of her black bra peeking through and she pulled on a checkered shirt to complete the outfit. Not a perfect A-lister look but she made it work somehow.

Flashing a smile, she had four-year-old daughter Ever in tow, who preferred to hitch a ride through the airport on a pink suitcase with her eyes tightly shut. Ever was dressed in a cute white embroidered sundress with her hair in pigtails and was later seen in her daddyA?s arms, film director Paul Anderson, who placed a tender kiss on his daughterA?s cheek.

Looks like EverA?s the perfect little four-year-old with the world of camera and lights light years away. And that is a good thing folks. SheA?s still got time to grow into it. In the meantime, MillaA?s new movie, Resident Evil: Retribution is set to make an appearance in theatres come September 14th. She told ETonline that she had to work hard to get in shape for her role after someone dissed her saying, “God, your arms arenA?t as toned in the poster as they were in the other movies.” Her reply, “Alright dude, you think my arms were flabby on the last poster, look at his one!”

Hmmm….we agree Milla, youA?re Resident Evil ready and you look fabulous. WeA?re sure youA?ll take “female power” outside of the bedroom and show us mere mortals how itA?s done. More power to you.


T. J. Mueller