Diane Kruger has that “look of love” at the premiere of Joshua Jackson’s new film

Diane Kruger and boyfriend, Joshua Jackson, walked the red carpet at the Toronto Film Festival for Jackson’s new film, “Inescapable,” and couldn’t keep from gazing at each other.

Diane was dressed in a black and gold-embellished dress which seemed a little overpowering for her slender frame but made up for it with the dazzling smile on her face as she gazed lovingly at boyfriend, Jackson, who looked dapper in a white shirt, dark trousers and a dark blazer.

The film which also stars Alexander Siddig and Marisa Tomei is a thriller with Jackson playing the part of Paul and Alexander Siddig playing the role of a father who searches for his daughter amid the chaos of the Middle East he left behind.

In the meantime, the couple kept close to each other at the premiere as they held hands and had eyes only for each other. That is a good thing folks for Tinseltown, that is. Relationships come and go there so six years is a very long time.

T. J. Mueller