One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush turned on the glam factor for photoshoot

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Sophia Bush, who played the role of designer Brooke Davis on the hit series, One Tree Hill, pulled out all the stops and glamourized the photoshoot for Emmy magazine.
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She looked absolutely stunning as she showcased her fabulous pins in a black sequined dress and red strappy heels. We love the hairdo which is so 50s and that seductive look suits her just fine. In another shot, she woos in a black dress with a fringed skirt and shows off her legs again in mile-high black strappy heels. We also love the shot of her in a glamorous lavender-colored gown which sets off her dark beauty perfectly and the Los Angeles Palace Theatre serves as the perfect backdrop for the olde-world photoshoot.
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The brunette beauty has moved on from One Tree Hill and has landed a new role as Ali for the comedy series, Partners. The actress is thrilled about her new role but more so about being closer to home. She said, “I was on location in North Carolina for nine years for One Tree Hill away from my home, family and friends. The fact that I get to wake up in my own bed and drive to work every day in the city I grew up in feels like a luxury.” And as for her new role as Ali, she had this to say about her character’s dress know-how. “Her fashion sense is very high-end and polished. Everything is very tailored and particular.” So this role should fit Sophia like a glove.

The lady with the glam factor is currently single and she told E!Online that she is happy being single. If those sizzling shots in Emmy mag are anything to go by, this is one actress who won’t be SINGLE for too long. Great photoshoot Ms Bush and we loved you as Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill.
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The current issue of Emmy magazine went on sale September 18th and is available at news stands everywhere.
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T. J. Mueller

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