Kate Moss and George Michael land on the cover of Vogue Paris

What’s up with that? That’s the first question that pops into everyone’s mind at the pairing of two of London’s best on the October cover of Vogue Paris. Kate Moss and George Michael are best friends and live in London’s High-Gate area but other than that, what do they have in common? But then again, there doesn’t have to be any rhyme or reason for a cover shot so let’s take it at face value.

George appears suave, debonair and healthy in a dark suit and tie given his brush with death last year but no hint of that at all in the cover shoot. Perfect airbrushing? Kate shines in a siren-red sequined Elie Saab gown that brightens her face and gives her that glow and erases the sins of the night before. Magical isn’t it how makeup-artists can whisk away imperfections and the rest is done by high-tech gadgets, if you know what we mean.

It is rumored that the pop-star and model have a friendship thing going at the moment. George promptly gave Kate a starring role in his latest “White Light” video earlier this year when she bemoaned the fact that being left out of his Freedom 90 supermodel video was one of her biggest career regrets. He later told Magic FM that he chose Kate for the role because she reminded him of his late mum. “Every boy who has lost their mum thinks his mum was the most beautiful woman in the world. Why not ask someone who is considered the most beautiful woman in the world in many ways to be that figure? C’mon George, you can do better than that. No girl likes to be compared to someone’s mum no matter how beautiful she was.

The couple beam as renowned photographer Mario Testino, captures them on camera to be forever archived in the portals of history as two of London’s best and friends at that. The cover line reads, “The pop star falls for the top model” which in itself whets the appetite for more. What secrets lie between the pages? Buy a copy to find out. In the meantime, we can’t help but ask, “Doesn’t George Michael look a little too full of life on the cover? No pun intended here. What’s up with the overly dark eyebrows George? The cover shoot? More Madame Tussands versus red carpet glam, if you ask us and that folks is the honest truth.

T. J. Mueller