Heidi Klum treated her children to a Justin Bieber concert

Justin Bieber is a favourite among the younger set and he seems to be a favourite with Heidi Klum’s children as well. The supermodel and mother-of-four treated her children to a Justin Bieber concert in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

The model dressed in a sexy black ensemble which consisted of a long spaghetti strap top over skinny leather pants and black heels and left her hair messier than usual. Perhaps, she’s been listening to Kate Upton who lives by the rule, “messy hair” is sexy. Daughter Leni put her style sense forward in a big way by dressing in a long cute white lacy skirt and teamed it with a black Justin Bieber t-shirt. And she accessorised perfectly with black boots and a trendy trilby hat. A young supermodel in the making….? Son Henry decided not to let the girls upstage him so he wore a very-in Justin Bieber t-shirt and paired it with a denim jacket, shorts and cool, cool neon-green trainers. Heidi’s bodyguard beau, Martin Kristen, was there to keep a close eye on the kids and on Heidi as well.

A good time was had by all and the family left the gig looking happy but a little worse for wear as Heidi loaded the children into the waiting car looking tired and Martin carried a tired Johan in his arms.

Hmmm…..always nice to see a family spending quality time together.

T. J. Mueller