Itís pumpkin patch time in Tinseltown

Halloween is drawing near and parents are on the search for the best pumpkins around and it is no different with the celebrity crowd. So, where do you go to find the best pumpkins? The pumpkin patch, of course.

Milla Jovovich and husband Paul Anderson took daughter Ever to the pumpkin patch in West Hollywood for a fun time. The Resident Evil star who is known for dressing down and going make-up free in her free time did more of the same for this outing. She was almost unrecognizable dressed in big baggy striped pants that did nothing for her exquisite figure and teamed it with a dark sleeveless top and as usual left her face unadorned. But the lady has good skin folks. She still managed to look great, skin-wise that is as she hauled a huge pumpkin from the patch wearing a big smile on her face. Daughter Ever seemed to be enjoying herself as she skipped along holding onto her fatherís hand. Ever looked adorable in an over-sized mustard colored top and floral skirt over cropped leggings. Millaís dog, Oliver Cromwell, was also there lending his support to the event.

Milla, who plays Alice in Resident Evil: Retribution which was directed by her husband made its debut last month and since then has made $21 million just in North America alone. It has been rumored that worldwide, the film has raked in a whopping $200 million. So, the model turned actress has every reason to smile. Things are going well on all fronts and that is a good thing.

T. J. Mueller