Christie Brinkley and the continuing saga of her divorce

This one’s ugly folks. The marriage between supermodel Christie Brinkley and architect husband, Peter Cook ended in 2008 amid a battle cry of “infidelity” when Cook was caught cheating with an 18-year-old store clerk. The divorce dragged out over a long-drawn out custody battle over their children Jack and Sailor.

To date, we see no end to the, “he said, she said,” statements flung between the two parties and it goes one better. Now, the new wife, Susanne Shaw has decided to join in the divorce circus by telling New York Post that Brinkley is responsible for the “black cloud of hate” hanging over her family and that she is also responsible for “planting rumours” that her marriage with Cook is falling apart. She went on to say that the model, “orchestrated this whole thing dating back months.” To add insult to injury she delivered the parting shot, not that this is the end of it. She accused the model of being “obsessed and viciously unhappy with revenge.” Just the new wife spitting venom or is there some truth to the allegations?

The parties involved, Brinkley and Cook have locked horns on several issues, the lesser of which were over rude emails and small amounts of money owed to each other. The tone vengeful, spiteful and filled with hate or is it pain emanating from one side for the other’s infidelity?

Perhaps, the couple’s son Jack said it best when he jumped to his mother’s defence last week and gave an exclusive statement to MailOnline in which he accuses his stepmother of spreading lies about his mother. “I decided I have had enough of hearing these lies about my mom when they are just simply not true, so I decided it was time for me to send my own response and one that is accurate. The fact of the matter is that the divorce took place years ago and it’s time for everyone to move past it. My mom is not and has never been “obsessed” with either my father’s wife, nor my father or their relationship.”

Hmmm….clearly stated and to the point, however, jealousy, anger and hate are all strong forces and something tells us that there will be more to come on this story.

T. J. Mueller