Kate Upton takes her pet pooch Boots for a walk and sets pulses racing

We imagine she does that everyday. Set pulses racing, that is. Kate Upton, Sports Illustrated cover girl and bikini model blessed with more than most and now, Bond girl wannabe took to the streets of Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon with pooch Boots and almost stopped traffic in a see-through black blouse that revealed her tummy. She teamed the outfit with dark skinny jeans and knee-high boots to show off her great curves. Clutching a cup of coffee in one hand and animatedly chatting on her cell phone with the other hand, the young Marilyn Monroe look-alike was oblivious to the furor she was causing around her.

The blonde model recently revealed that she has what it takes to play the role of a Bond girl but that playing next to Daniel Craig might be intimidating. She went on to say, “It’s a very prestigious title and it would be a very cool role. I would need to go through some intense training to learn all the Bond girl moves.” Her acting credits to date have been a role in the comedy, “The Three Stooges,” where she played the part of a nun in a cutaway swimsuit. Hmmm…..you can imagine what the nuns thought of that. Moving on…. Then she had another minor role in “Tower Heist” playing opposite Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy. And now, it looks like she is making a play for her big break.

Anyone listening out there? We think she’d make a great Bond girl. Why, just those two you know whats alone would be enough to make any Bond movie a success. Enough said….

T. J. Mueller