Paris Hilton and new boyfriend, Ken Viperi are still going strong

Is that a big surprise? Well, it is if you look at it through “the world according to Paris.” How many boyfriends has Paris Hilton had? The answer to that would be too many. But what’s a poor princess to do? When one doesn’t work, move on to the next available guy. She takes that approach with her career as well and it seems to work fine for her. It’s that simple and easy when you’re surrounded by fame and fortune and looks to boot.

Ms Hilton and boyfriend of a month, Ken Viperi, took her red Ferrari out for a spin and did a spot of shopping. They looked all loved-up as they held hands tightly and grinned broadly for the cameras. Paris was dressed in a long pink patterned maxi dress while model boyfriend Viperi, chose a blue t-shirt, grey shorts and added a big thick gold watch to flaunt some dazzle. The couple looked comfortable with each other as they hit the shops to do some major shopping. Is there something in the works here? The hotel heiress tweeted this message to her followers recently. “Many thoughts, many smiles, many memories, many feelings, many dreams, just for one person.” Hmmm….how sweet? Viperi, who is ten years younger than Paris tweeted this message. “Good morning tweeps!! Someday, someone will walk into your life and make you realize why it never worked out with anyone else. #loving life.” It could be that the red Ferrari was not in the cards with the others. Just playing the devil’s advocate but moving on…….

Is this relationship moving towards an engagement? As we know, Paris has been engaged a number of times but never made it to the altar. Will this loved-up relationship be the one to catapult her into……if not, all we can say is, NEXT!

T. J. Mueller