Miranda Kerr gets close to the animals on trip of a lifetime

Supermodel Miranda Kerr donned her most stylish “safari wear” and roughed it out in the wilds of Africa for a couple of days and showed us that she is not just supermodel par excellence but a modern-day Jane as well.

The model braved the mosquitos, the gnats and whatever else might have been lurking in the depths of the African jungle as she went about enjoying the trip of a lifetime. She donned stylish safari wear and added a big straw hat with a scarf tied under her neck to protect her delicate and flawless skin from the harsh African sun. If Jane could have only seen her, she would have died of envy!

The Australian model from down-under kept her fans informed and up-to-date on the goings on during the safari trip by posting regularly on her Twitter and Instagram pages and the pictures were awesome. She did get very close to the animals from the look of things and we’re sure the close-ups must have had her heart thumping with excitement a time or two. There was one close-up of a lioness standing a short distance away as the picture was taken and the tweet read, “What a wonderful experience to see this lioness in the wild! #safari.” Another tweet read, “So incredible to see a leopard in the wild!” And yet another, “Taking a picture of the shower head underneath the sky. Outdoor shower. #safari.”

What an incredible experience this must have been for a model who’s used to walking the catwalk in a well-protected environment and then to find herself in a different kind of catwalk where danger loomed in every corner. She braved the elements folks and did just fine as she does with everything else in her life. Miranda, “the safari queen” Kerr knows how to bring excitement into her life and that folks, is the honest truth.

T. J. Mueller