Natalie Portmanís mascara ad gets banned for excessive photoshopping

It seems that the Advertising Standards Authority are getting tough and false advertising is coming under the radar in more ways than one. Actress Natalie Portmanís mascara ad has been banned after a complaint was received by ASA which said the ad was misleading because it exaggerated the productís effects. In short, it wasnít all that it was made out to be.

The offending ad which starred the Black Swan actress showed her with exceptionally long and thick lashes and which promoted the fact that the product in question ďthickens, separates and extends the lashes for an infinitely multiple lash effect.Ē In reality, Christian Dior has admitted to digitally enhancing Natalieís lashes by using Photoshop but stands their ground by saying that the enhancement was ďminimal.Ē Dior has agreed to withdraw the offending ad without undergoing a formal investigation which might prove damaging to the company. So, poof goes the ad like all the others that ASA has clamped down on in recent years. Others that have been axed were Julia Roberts Lancome ad and Christy Turlingtonís ad for Maybellineís ďeraserĒ foundation which came under fire for using excessive use of air-brushing in 2011.

Which brings us to the question, how much of whatís out there is ďfalse advertisingĒ and exaggerated? The answer, plenty and more than what meets ASAís standards. Isnít advertising more about enhancing a product be it through photoshopping, air-brushing and exaggeration? Nothing new here folks. So, why the hype over this product? Just playing the devilís advocate again. Enough saidÖ.

T. J. Mueller