Milla Jovovich woos at Chanel’s Little Black book event in Moscow

Supermodel Milla Jovovich pulled out all the stops and put her best foot forward for Chanel’s Little Black Jacket book event in Moscow. Milla who loves going make-up free and in understated clothing in her free-time decided to show the world that when need be, she has fashion clout and with that thought in mind, she stepped out in a stunning strapless black jacket, that featured a huge pale pink bow-tie as the focal point. Another take on the Little Black Jacket? Perhaps, she wants to give Karl Lagerfeld a run for the money. Whatever the idea behind this ensemble was, it was a show-stopper. The tall, lithe model paired the top with a pair of short black shorts which high-lighted her long legs. Sort of an unconventional look but then again the little black jacket event is something out of the norm so unconventional is definitely “in” here. The Resident Evil star completed her outfit with a thick chunky necklace that added dazzle and she looked hot-to-trot folks. Milla is also featured in the Little Black Jacket book in which the portraits are styled by former French Vogue editor, Carine Roitfeld.

How many ways can you wear Chanel’s iconic little black jacket? According to Lagerfeld, many many ways. He has taken the heart of Chanel’s ready-to-wear collection and done what he does best, turned it into an extraordinary piece, a staple if you will and a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. It has been shortened, lengthened, sequined, neo-preened and it has been sexed-up and sexed-down just to name a few ways in which the jacket has been pimped and worked on. And an exhibition of the same name has been touring the world showing what genius, Lagerfeld can do if he sets his mind to it.

Coming back to the exhibition in Russia, this time it was no different as celebrities showed up to laud its appearance. Among them Vanessa Paradis who showed off her slim and trim figure in a black Chanel couture gown with a plunging neckline and added a dash of bright red lipstick to hype-up the glam factor.

No matter where it goes, the exhibition is a raging success and The Little Black Jacket is just that, a success story in its own right.

T. J. Mueller