Retail-therapy does the trick for a spot of heartbreak

It’s never been a secret. Retail-therapy does do a world of good, in most cases, when it comes to mending a broken heart and Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton did just that.

Erin was seen around the Beverly Hills area on Saturday dressed in skinny jeans, an Eagles t-shirt and ballerinas and hell-bent on putting the split between her and actor Leonardo DiCarprio behind her. Part of the healing process involved putting in an appearance at Barneys of New York. The model did a spot of shopping there and emerged carrying a big bag and wearing a smile on her face. Obviously that did a world of good.

Blonde beauty Erin, recently told Modelina that she is looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with her family. “I’m going to be with my family in Chicago. We always go to my aunt’s house. She’s like the Martha Stewart of the family. She can cook anything and she has the most beautiful sons.” As far as her own family, she had this to say. “I have the most amazing family, my sister Megan, my brother Jeff and my parents who are here to support me.”

It’s a good thing that she has close family members to support her after the breakup from Leonardo DiCarprio. The couple had dated for almost 10 months and reports say they split because of their busy schedules and couldn’t seem to make it work, the relationship that is. But word is, the model is handling it well. Erin’s best friend Lily Alridge put it this way. “I don’t think Erin’s gonna have any problems getting a man. I’m pretty sure there’s a line around New York City waiting for her. Every guy I know is like, ‘Please introduce me to Erin!”

And that too is no secret. She’s hot-to-trot and it is only a matter of time before she finds someone else. As for Leonardo, he’s claiming that he hasn’t met the love of his life yet. Well, here is a SECRET Leo. You’re NOT going to find her where the “angels” graze. Broaden your horizon and that might just do the trick.

T. J. Mueller