Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell team up for Interview

Two of fashion’s best team up for a smoking hot cover shot, Naomi Campbell goes topless while Kate Moss hides her assets behind her pal Naomi. The supermodels teamed up for Andy Warhol’s German and Russian edition of Interview mag and the cover title not only boasts a more than eye-catching cover shot but the title screams, “I Love You, Kate!” A tribute to Kate Moss from supermodel diva, Naomi Campbell? Apparently so as the sub-title reads, “Naomi Campbell talks to Kate Moss.”

The pair strip off and cuddle in the black and white snap and show a united front in the love-fest. This is their first reunification, so to speak, since their Vogue Paris shoot in 2008. In the interview, the models chat about their start in the fashion industry, among other their things, and it goes like this.

Kate: I read that you made your first public appearance in a Bob Marley video.”

Naomi: “Yeah, I was seven, I think. He was such a handsome man. I remember I started crying when I saw his dreadlocks because I thought they were worms. But he was really, really gentle.”

Regarding ethnic prejudice in the modeling world, Kate and Naomi have this to say.

Kate: “When I first got to New York, I was like, ‘What are they talking about? I couldn’t tell, you know. It was really weird and I also think growing up in South London, it’s so mixed race.”

Naomi: “Exactly, we just know our area and how we were raised, so it was a big eye opener to me.”

The risqué black and white shots were taken by star photographers, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and it more than captures your attention at first glance. But then again, these days the surprise element as far as Kate Moss is concerned is no longer there. She loves taking the lid off her private life and after decades of keeping silent, it’s a free for all now. And as far as nudity is concerned, that too is no longer sacred. We’re seeing a new Kate Moss folks, one who is comfortable with her life and her body and we’re sure there’ll be more to unveil in the weeks and months to come.

Coming back to the cover, all we can say is, “Baby, it must have been cold there.” Get the drift? Enough said…

T. J. Mueller