Miranda Kerr loves flaunting it

Supermodel from Down Under, Miranda Kerr, loves flaunting her body every chance she gets. Covered up in an up-to-the-minute designer dress or dressed down in a bra and tulle skirt, Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, looks fabulous in any look.

This time around, she tweeted a picture of herself dressed in a red bra and a matching tulle skirt going up a set of stairs with the caption, “Going up.” And going up, she is folks. The skies the limit for her and she’s climbing the success ladder at a fast pace. But Miranda has revealed that she feels “pressure” and explained her nervousness at stripping in front of an audience. “You’re in underwear in front of millions of people.”

But then again, practice makes perfect, perhaps that is why she’s been flaunting her legs of late. On Tuesday night, Miranda wore a blue shorts ensemble for the Footwear News Achievement Awards and showcased her legs perfectly in a pair of black suede footwear from designer Tabitha Simmons. Earlier in the day, she stepped out in a pair of tiny black shorts, studded ankle boots and a knee-length black coat looking “super hot.” Who cares if it’s cold as ice outside, if you’re a supermodel, you bring your own warmth. And that folks is the honest truth.

T. J. Mueller