Cindy Crawford still has supermodel clout

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is 46 and for a model, it means her time in the limelight is long past the expiration date. But to someone like Cindy, it doesn’t mean a thing and age is just a number.

Mother-of-two Cindy proved that point as she was spotted doing a bit of shopping in Malibu with hardly any camouflage on. Her face seemed almost devoid of make-up and her gorgeous hair was left long and flowing, the Cindy Crawford way. She was dressed down in a pair of tight jeans, a plaid shirt and a green parka. The look was casual and down-to-earth but there was still no mistaking her supermodel clout.

Earlier in the week, the model posted a tweet that seemed to have a philosophical twist attached to it and it showed that she has been contemplating about her life. It said, “I don’t long to be anywhere other than where I am. I think that happens as you get older. Life is where you are.” She also talked to Shape magazine recently about her figure. “You take your body and your fitness for granted in your 20’s a lot and to do a Shape cover now at 46 reminds me that all the hard work and all the times that you work out even when you don’t that it all pays off. It’s cumulative. It will catch up to you over the years either in a bad way if you don’t take care of your body, or in a good way. If you take care of your body.”

And judging from the shape of her body from a recent break in Mexico where Cindy was seen flaunting her top figure in a bikini, we’ll say she’s been taking good care of her body and it shows folks.


T. J. Mueller