Lily Aldridge puts her “wings” aside

It was for a good cause and Victoria’s Secret “angel” Lily Aldridge put aside her normal work gear of skimpy underwear and beach wear for something a little more conservative for her day at Wall Street. The model made her way to the ICAP offices in Manhattan on Wednesday with one goal in mind. She was going to help raise money for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital at the 20th ICAP Charity Day event.

Lily’s job was to man the phone lines and to raise funds by closing deals via the phone line and she was dressed appropriately for the job. She wore a black silk blouse, tan cropped pants and teamed it with a pair of black stilettos, but showed off a little bit of glamour by carrying a very expensive over-sized crocodile tote bag from Celine which cost an astounding $16,000. The model smiled and posed with several brokers who came to work sans their usual Wall Street garb but wore wigs and fancy dress instead to lighten up the mood. Lily was joined by Reese Witherspoon, Liv Tyler, Rachel Wiesz and Jake Gyllenhaal, just a few of the other celebrities who joined in to make the event a rousing success. Lily’s manager had the last word as he posted a tweet that said, “@Lily Aldridge showing the traders how to really make some money for ICAP charity!”

All in all a good day for the model who is married to Kings of Leon front man, Caleb Followill. Looks like she is back to work in more ways than one after giving birth to daughter Dixie just six months ago and that is a good thing.

T. J. Mueller