Rosie Huntington-Whiteley heats up Vogue photoshoot

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has got what it takes to set temperatures soaring and that’s no secret but she turned it up another notch on Saturday as she posed for a new Vogue photoshoot.

The model arrived in Palmdale, California looking hot-to-trot wearing a black leather jacket, blue skinny jeans and brown embellished boots and carried a leopard print jacket on her arm. She was met on arrival by a member of the crew with a warm hug and a kiss and she spent some time exploring the set before getting to work. Later, the model shared photos of the set on Instagram and Twitter and even posted a picture of her looking all sexy as she posed in a fur-trimmed jacket and a black choker. If the desert was hot, that photo just added to the “heat factor.”

Victoria’s Secret “angel” Rosie has said that she was obsessed with fashion when she started out in the business. “I was just fascinated by these images with the photoshoots and what went into that, what happened behind the scenes.”

Well, now she knows and she does it almost effortlessly but then again, if you look like her, any photoshoot is a winner and that folks is the honest truth.

T. J. Mueller