Dita von Teese speaks out about her Dresses collection

The burlesque dancer, Dita von Teese, who epitomes olde-world glamour from her strongly made-up eyes to the dash of bright red lipstick and her sweeping wavy hair, speaks out about her one-of-a-kind Dresses collection.

She says that she got the inspiration for the collection through observation, more specifically by watching how other designers go about getting their inspiration for their collections. “I saw a very famous designer, who shall remain unnamed, in a vintage boutique in LA. He was there with his whole team and they were taking pictures for pieces to inspire his collection. I just thought to myself: ‘There’s no reason why I couldn’t do that.’ Vintage stores are where I buy all my clothes – I love the thrill of the hunt.”

And so a collection was born. Von Teese’s collection boasts a retro-inspired range which consists of feminine dresses that brings the concept of olde-world charm and glamour to the forefront. The pieces are priced between 373 pounds to 620 pounds and are available on shopdecadesinc.com. The collection made its debut on the British market last month and according to the queen of glamour, she respects the way British women dress in the cold. “You do well in the winter and are very good at picking great coats. In LA, no one really thinks about the importance of a great coat – they can’t be bothered. It’s always better when people take their time with these things.”

The style maven of a bygone era where feminine lines, strong make-up and when women looked like women was the norm has spoken out. Von Teese is a living example that the era of “glamour” still lives within her and is perhaps waiting for a “revival” through her Dresses collection. She has given burlesque a “new face” but can she give “fashion” the same distinction? What do you think?

T. J. Mueller