Erin Heatherton showcases her hot “bikini bod”

Erin Heatherton is at it again but this time around she’s in Miami showing off the latest beachwear collection for a photoshoot in Miami.
The 60s style shoot showed a well-toned and gorgeous Erin in a number of skimpy bikinis, beach cover-ups and floral inspired dresses that showed off her top figure at every turn and angle and there wasn’t an extra ounce of fat to pinch anywhere on the goddess-like figure. So, how does she do it?
Victoria’s Secret angel, Erin recently spoke out about her fitness regime claiming it’s all about the ‘butt-lift’ exercises. More precisely she said, “I’ve learned a lot about diet in my years of being an Angel. A mistake a lot of girls make is that they work out but don’t eat enough. If you’re not eating enough, it’s not going to show. You could be doing a million butt lifts, but your butt is not going to get any bigger because there is nothing to build on. Your body needs food to make that happen.”
Her daily fitness regime goes like this. She gets up at 6 am. Then she says, “I work out twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. I’ll start with half an hour of running and then some yoga to stretch everything out so everything is warm. In the evening I do butt lifts. It’s important to be fit but you shouldn’t get too skinny. You need to have curves.”
There you have it folks. Another angel’s secret is out. She works hard for her money and works hard on her body. Angel or not, it takes hard work to get anywhere these days and that is the honest truth.
T. J. Mueller