Nicole Ritchie prepares for Christmas feast

Reality star turned designer, Nicole Ritchie wasn’t going to take any chances as far as her lithe trim body was concerned and with the Christmas feast fast approaching, it was time to do something to preempt the caloric intake.

Nicole was seen leaving the gym in Studio City on Saturday dressed in a pair of Lycra leggings, leather jacket, Nike trainers and to add some chic she pulled on a Beanie, wore over-sized Jackie O sunglasses and flashed bright red fingernails as she gazed glumly at the cameras trained in her direction. The look said, “I can think of better things to do.” The “better things” could be her current love of promoting her latest fashion line. Nicole had this to say about her love of fashion. “Being in fashion is something that I have been dreaming about my whole life. I started out with jewellery because it was a smaller project and it’s closest to my heart. And I knew that once I got into ready-to-wear that it would take up my entire life. Once I decided that it was time, I went full force into it and I’m just slowly expanding and enjoying every minute. I just have to wake up every morning and kind of prioritise and figure out what I need to focus on for the day. It’s a constant juggling act and it’s just what you have to do.”

Mother-of-two Nicole seems to have her act together and it looks like things are going well on all fronts and that folks is a good thing.

T. J. Mueller