It’s the end of a rocky year for Heidi Klum

Life hasn’t been all that great for supermodel Heidi Klum as 2012 comes to an end. The year started off with some major life changing events. It saw her split from her husband of seven years, Seal and then there were rumours to overcome, some of them not to her liking and then it was on to working out a plan for the children, so that they could overcome the gripping side-effects of a major break-up.
She’s handled it well folks and looks like 2013 is going to be another year of changes but for the better. The new family unit which includes her beau, Martin Kristen seems to be taking off in leaps and bounds. The twosome have been spending time together and the children are included as well. On Sunday, Heidi headed out to pick up some necessities and food for New Year’s Eve and was accompanied by beau, Martin and her two children, Leni and Lou. She was dressed casually for the outing in baggy jeans, a tan leather jacket and a multi-colored scarf which had her looking hip and trendy and still very much a supermodel. Martin even went so far as to display a “loving touch” as he carried Lou in his arms as they went about their chores. Later in the day, he was seen with Heidi’s two boys, Henry and Johan as they made an errand run to Starbucks and Pain de Quotidien where the boys were treated to a hot beverage. Future step-dad in training? Only time will tell.
In the meantime, Seal has been keeping a low profile since accusing Heidi of “fornicating with the help.” Rumour has it that he’s on tour in Europe and concentrating on jump-starting his career again. All the best to Heidi, the children, Seal and of course, Martin. May 2013 bring all of you the best, life has to offer.
T. J. Mueller