Cindy Crawford has still got what it takes


Supermodel Cindy Crawford posted a photo of herself on Monday which showed her wild side but as it turned out, it was all done in jest. The photo showed Cindy dressed in a short LBD and splashing champagne all over herself and taking swigs from the bottle with the iconic Hollywood sign behind her as a backdrop.

However, she was quick to reassure her fans that it was done in fun and for a photoshoot with fab photographer Terry Richardson. The caption that accompanied the photo said, “Happy New Year!!! We’re popping champagne tonight to ring in the new year…..although it probably won’t be as fun as doing this shoot with Terry Richardson. Have fun & be safe tonight.”

Whatever the case may be, she’s still got what she had in her heyday of being one of the most sought after supermodels around and at 46 she still looks super hot. It must be her attitude towards life and the things she does to keep herself in top shape. Cindy has still got what it takes to capture our attention and to keep it there and that is the honest truth.
T. J. Mueller