Itís date night for Agyness Deyn and hubby Giovanni

How do you get rid of the winter blues if youíre a promi couple and find yourself at witís end withing anything to do? You do what most mere mortals do. Spend an evening at home or go on a date to the cinema and that is exactly what model Agyness Deyn and husband of a few months Giovanni Ribisi decided to do.

The couple arrived at the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood, California on Tuesday on New Yearís Day looking fresh faced and it looked like they had a tame time the evening before. Agyness was dressed casually as usual in a pair of dark pants, a tan jacket and a blue scarf while hubby Giovanni went for his usual garb of beige chinos, a grey buttoned up shirt and Fedora but wore a grim look on his face which seemed to say, ďBack off!Ē

Perhaps, itís because they love to keep their private life private. The couple kept their wedding a secret affair and it came as a shock to many as news of the event broke in June 2012 as most people didnít even know they were dating. But it seems to be working for them as Agyness recently told Stella magazine: ďWhen people used to say about falling in love, I didnít know what they meant. And then when I felt it I was like, ďHoly S**t, this is powerful stuffÖ..We both felt it! And now it makes so much sense, both of us wanting that. Itís a really symbolic thing.Ē

The quietness and the secrecy seems to work for them and all we can say is, ďAll the best of love for the New Years.Ē
T. J. Mueller