Kati Nescher – New Vogue Cover Girl!


“I think that all your experiences before, your life story, have an impact on how you enjoy modelling – and in a very different way to younger girls” – explains the 29 years old Katie Nescher, the new cover girl of the Vogue magazine. In an exclusive interview for Vogue she said that “I was always interested in the fashion world – it just seemed a bit far away, up until I had the perfect timing and right people on my side”.


So how comes that this amazing lady has not yet established herself as a model? Everything seems to be quite simple! Giving up on your dream for a little while doesn’t always mean the end of your dream story. Sometimes, it turns out to be a new path that you have to adhere to so as to have a powerful and effective comeback! “Starting my career late on was about this being my right moment.”


Currently, she signed with Viva London, the agency that discovered some of the today’s most in-demand supermodels.

Kati is known for her cheeckbones and stunning green eyes. On how does she stay beautiful she says “For me, it’s about wearing no make-up and having natural hair”, also, “After showering, I use some baby cream on both my lips and wet hair.”

By Anhen Mey