Coco Rocha is a Jehovah’s Witness Religion Sustainer!

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Do you remember that canadian lady living her own moment of glory during the 2007 Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show? The young model that opened and closed the show with the perfect irish dance moves? Well, she is again in the spotlight showing once more to the world that models can also be role models, and this, because of the level of involvement in many different activities and the level of perception of life beliefs. Coco Rocha, the 24-year-old supermodel has confessed to be a sustainer of the Jehovah’s Witness religion each and every week knocking on doors and leaving flyers and pamphlets.

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Could you imagine such a lady knocking on your door and talking about religion? Surely not, however she explains, “Some people think we’re a pushy religion, but if you’re not interested, just say so.”
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Nowadays, it is rather encouraging to have the possibility to observe a whole lot more models being religious more than enough to have the strength to say no to some overexposed photoshoots or even quit bikini modelling as Kylie Bisutti did.
Among models with religious background we might count up Adriana Lima, Erin Heatherton, Kylie Bisutti and many more.

By Anhen Mey