Meet Coco Rocha on Sass & Bide!

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Coco Rocha is by far the most wanted canadian supermodel for the runway collections of a tremendous number of top fashion designers. Deciding to show everyone that models can also be role models, by now, we can truly say she has acquaired quite a big experience as a supermodel and an outspoken woman.

Now, as for the US Vogue magazine speaks out, she is going to enrich her experience by undertaking one more important mission giving an insight into her off duty model pastime. Starting with January 28, you are able to discover Coco Rocha from a totally different perspective because she will be taking photos of her dressed all in Sass & Bide switching looks after looks based on the 2013 Spring/Summer collection of the brand. Watch it all here Sass & Bide!

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She confesses, “Street style is more important now than ever before. There was a time when your pop stars, movie stars and top models could go to grocery stores wearing pyjamas and fuzzy slippers if they wanted and there would probably be no evidence of that,” also she adds,”Now with a camera on every cell phone we all need to think a little more carefully about how we dress up when we leave the house.”

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On why she decided to do it by herself she explains to Vogue, “Personally, I love styling myself and putting together my own looks. We models are especially lucky to be given some amazing pieces from brands and designers, so why wouldn’t we want to show them off?”. I would say that this seems to be a great way to help random individuals discover their own style so as to never ever experience ‘outfit-disaster’ situations.

By Anhen Mey

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