Irina Shayk is back to being a brunette again

Just days after posting a photo of herself on Facebook with red hair, Irina Shayk is back to being a brunette again. It seems the red hair was a wig afterall and the model and Ronaldo Cristiano’s main squeeze stepped out in New York’s West Village on Monday looking like herself again.

The model showed off her style sense dressed appropriately for the cold weather in a thick black coat, thigh-high black boots and accessorised with black sunglasses and clutching a blue scarf to her chest.
Supermodel Tyra Banks shared the picture of Irina with the fiery red hair on her Twitter page and went on to say, this is how the baby would look like, “if Angelina Jolie and I had a baby.” A compliment? Really? But Irina took it as such and wrote back, “Thanks gorgeous.”

Redhead or a brunette, you sizzle babe and THAT is really a compliment.
T. J. Mueller