Miranda Kerr goes topless for photoshoot

Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr has it in her to pull off any look with ease and like a chameleon, she changes at a whim and comes off looking like a winner.

The recent photoshoot for French magazine, Jalouse, proves this point perfectly. The black and white images show a different Miranda, more pouty with dark eyes that pop out at you but the sexiness and the one-of-a-kind star quality is still there. She also goes topless in one of the shots but covers her notables with her arms as she gazes seductively into the camera. The checkered Louis Vuitton skirt and the large hat and pearls do catch our attention but it’s Miranda who pulls our eyes to her. In another shot, she is tres chic in a black ensemble that shows off her long gorgeous legs as she stares coyly at the camera. It is a study in contrasts, black and white, coy and seductive and the German photographer, Sebastian Mader, who worked with her did a marvelous job of capturing Miranda in her element.

The cover shot is particularly arresting and reflects the title, Poupee Renversante, which means “Astounding Doll” perfectly. Ms Kerr is almost unrecognizable with her heavily made-up eyes complete with feathery long fake lashes. She stares back almost doll-like at the camera as she bites on a long-stem rose held between her teeth. Very avant-garde and come hither at the same time.

Miranda Kerr, the model from Down-Under is in a class of her own when it comes to photoshoots. She captures the essence of whatever she is portraying, be it a babe in bikini, a trendy fashionista, a seductive lady in lingerie or a high-end IT girl and eases into that role perfectly. She’s got the “chameleon effect” and perhaps that is why she is every designer’s dream girl. Thumbs up on a great shoot.
T. J. Mueller