Kate Moss Pampering Too Much Her Pooch Archie?


Kate Moss is super addicted to her pooch Archie. Aside from providing her little puppy with pampering therapies she also has deodorants specially dedicated to him. From different sources we’ve discovered that Archie even has its own room along with a walk-in wardrobe brimming with coats, collars and the like.

In an interview Kate said, ”I’m more Day [wear]. I’ve got a dog. Ha. He’s eight months. So I’ve got a dog, and the dog’s making me more Day.” Nevertheless, the 39-year-old supermodel still finds it tricky enough to walk her pampered pooch in high heels as she used to walk the streets from a while now. She confesses, ”It’s a nightmare. You can’t do a dog in a heel. I’m having to rethink everything. You can’t walk a dog in a heel. You look ridiculous.”Her pooch is just 8 months(or so!) and she wants to fit in the puppy’s style for the lovely Archie to have a fully dedicated and reationally thinking owner. So, no more high heels!)

Do you think Kate Moss is pampering too much her pooch Archie?!


By Anhen Mey