Leonardo Dicaprio’s New Model Girlfriend!

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We all know that Leo DiCaprio is a Lovelace. Even so, we love him for the great personality he shows off to the world and all the classic evergreen movies he has been filmed in. Yet likewise, we are aware of his love life, as for the shots tell us, he has switched quite many different girlfriends in a while. Just let us remember of his latest girlfriend,the romanian beauty Madalina Ghenea which now is Gerard Butler’s girlfriend, Bar and Gisele also on the list of Leo’s ex girlfriends. But now,we have all the proofs to state that he is involved in a new relationship with none other than Margarita Gauchet, also known as Margarita Ross. She is a 20-year-old French model and actress. It seems that they have met in November on the filming of Wolf Of Wall Street. Later on, he has invited Margarita to a New Year’s party on his own yacht in Australia. Nowadays, it seems like their relationship gets stronger and stronger as they have a break relaxing in Miami Beach. Who knows, maybe she is the one to make him switch his mind and start filming again?! No one knows, but everyone prays for it!

By Anhen Mey

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