Pregnant Lara Stone poses for Harper’s Bazaar

The outfit makes it easy to camouflage her emerging baby bump and Lara Stone looks absolutely stunning as she poses for the new Harper’s Bazaar March issue alongside Stephanie Seymour and Joan Smalls wearing a creation from Comme des Garcons Spring 2013 collection.

We’re not sure if we like the look but it does its job well. The dress, if you can call it that, has layers that overlap each other, sort of bizarre at first glance but that’s high-end fashion for you folks. There are no signs of “morning sickness” anywhere as a clear-eyed Lara stares back at the camera wearing her famous pout. The shoot was styled by Carine Roitfeld who’s never been shy about shocking the senses with her “out-of-the-box” thinking and, we might add, it has worked well for her as she is currently global fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar and this is her first fashion feature as such.

The 16 page spread which will run concurrently in all 26 international editions of Harper’s Bazaar’s March issue is appropriately named, “Carine on the Collections,” gives an insight on Ms Roitfeld’s take on spring trends. Ageless Stephanie Seymour dressed in Miu Miu and Joan Smalls in Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci are the other two models who will be featured in the March issue.

Ms Roitfeld has told Telegraph that creating a worldwide fashion story is a matter of “genius” and she’s right there. These are her exact words. “For me, when I am strong, I always like that the reader can think, “Oh, I can be that girl.” I also want to respect the traditions and mentality of each country and not shock anyone.”

Not quite true there as Ms Roitfeld has had a penchant for the “shock” technique in times past but she is right about the this first issue which shows a different Carine Roitfeld, more sedate and almost traditional in her approach. Could age have something to do with it? What do you think?
T. J. Mueller