Bar Refaeli Recreating “The Kiss” On The Tonight Show!


You’ve got to see the latest Bar Refaeli appearance on The Tonight Show. It seems that pretty much everyone has gone crazy with the Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial,in which the bombshell starts kissing a fat nerd named Jesse Heiman. As his popularity grows minute by minute, it is no surpside we’ll soon notice him do a lot more campaigns and appearances. For example, the scene from The Tonight Show where Jay Leno asks Bar to recreate the kiss with him, totally nailed it! And guess what? Jesse is the one kissing Jay Leno who had his eyes closed without a clue on who’s the one kissing him. Imagine Jay Leno’s shock and the ratings blowing up! Totally crazy!

Here you are able to check out the uncensored kissing scene of Bar and Jesse.

Also, here you have Jesse Heiman’s official twitter. Who knows, maybe this is your lucky moment to makeout with the guy who kissed none other than Bar Refaeli – la femme la plus belle du monde!

By Anhen Mey