It’s “lace again” for Miranda Kerr

She seems to have an affinity to lace or is it that “lace” is second nature to her? But then again, she looks good in just about anything and this photoshoot was no different. Miranda Kerr put on a lacy vintage-style dress with matching undies for a beauty photoshoot on Sunday and looked absolutely stunning.
The model who seems to be having more than her share of photoshoots lately was on a Sydney beach dressed in lace as she played Ring-Around-the-Roses with some cute young girls and then to keep with the young playful theme, she took to doing cartwheels on the grass. She’s still got it folks. The agility of the young, we mean. The campaign was to promote her cosmetics line, Kora Organics Skincare and it was shot by friend Chris Colls and styled by Romy Frydman.
The cute shoot showed all involved having a great time including Miranda who seemed to be enjoying her “girlhood” revival in more ways than one if it wasn’t for the see-through dress that left little to the imagination. After the shoot, Miranda had a late lunch of smoked trout pate, salt and pepper squid and a mixed salad. She was also seen carrying a young baby but evidently not her own as husband Orlando Bloom and baby Flynn were back home waiting for her.
Kora Organics Skincare is doing fine and selling well on the world market and Ms Kerr says that she started the line as “a reflection of my passion for living a healthy, organic lifestyle.” And she’s living proof that it works, just one look is all you need.
T. J. Mueller